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However, because of this independence, it is tempting to assume that Finnish girls are less girly than say, East-Asian girls.This perception is amplified by the ” however, is not translatable–it probably IS unique to East-Asian/Singaporean cultures.

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Once you discover the girly thing she likes, you can make stuffs she likes for her in secret, or buy girly things for her! Because of the societal expectation of ALL FINNS to be adult-like, serious and humble at all times, whenever you discover a secretly-girly or secretly-bitchy side to a Finn, you’d be really happy! — One thing I’d noticed about some Finnish ladies, for example, is the attention paid to their MANICURE.

Steps on the other hand, are more foolproof and “brainless”.

This means, don’t be an asshole and go on and on about yourself throughout the dinner date.

But I have heard of quite a handful of East-Asian/Singaporean ladies rejecting guys because of their financial status.

How nice is it to have a Finnish lady who loves you just as you are.

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