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Rather than only focusing on the drama within the relationships (of which there admittedly was plenty), the show also tackled obstacles that are facing poly people living in a monogamous world.The topic of coming out was dealt with somewhat extensively, and a lot of the on-camera interview time with various cast members focused on advocating for the acceptance of poly relationships.That said, it was a damn entertaining show for someone as horrible as myself.

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But for the purpose of watching Showtime’s Yeah, so my verdict is that this is a bad representation of polyamory as I understand it and have witnessed it among my friends.Things I liked: The relationships were all serious, long term, and committed between more than two partners.When I heard the subtitle “Married and Dating,” I had the awful vision of a show that focused only on married couples who were still subscribing to a fairly mono-normative central partnership paradigm and seeking only casual relationships outside of their marriages.That’s a fine arrangement for the people who want it, but it would hardly seem like an accurate view of polyamory.The two groups on the show, however, are a triad and a quad, both groups living and planning futures together.

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