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So, it is not necessary to re-link the tables in order to receive new information.

To create a macro in Microsoft Access that automatically links tables in two different databases, do the following: How-to: Prior to running the macro, ensure that the linked table is closed.

Hello all, Interesting issue here, I have a Microsoft Access application and database. Quite some time ago, the application and database was moved from development to production. When it was deployed to production, the applications were properly linked with the Linked Table Manager.

These tables can hold information about customers, sales, scientific observations or just about anything.Import the source data into a new table in the current database: this option will directly extract tables into Access Database, you can view and edit these tables, but all modification will not be uploaded unless you build another query to do so.Link to the data source by creating a linked table: this option will create a table just like the first option, but will keep its link to Quick Books, which means all your operation to this table will be uploaded to Quick Books, and the data in the table is also in full sync with Quick Books.Then have this application use the MS Access ODBC driver to talk to the Access database, which you created, which was linked to Quick Books tables.This middleware approach allows us to support nearly any application, even if not fully ODBC compliant.

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