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Ei ELMBOLD’S EXTRACT BUCHU Zmpr« 7 cd &OSC Wash 4 l KId S SKCIl Id T DISli VSKS ii- Bli tb®1r Mi^ts. Sewarl at eight thousand dollars a year to help spend it, and that the G ..’i-rumrat csrriea cn all its trauf actions wi.h a total Jisre- gurd ot ('■•pe I■^e8. Seward is like a raw and irtxperieci.-€d youth who has sud- denly come into possession of a large fortune. i The men who framed the Cou'-titutioii were coim riuut »i;’u the L’ato:y of (he ' monarchie s of the Old V.'otid. They have unan- imout'l T adopted a resolution recommend- ing to such of the people of the State as are opposed to the adoption of the consti- ti 'framed by the late radical conven- tii n to abstain from voting at the clectiou to be held on the 4lh and bth of I'ebnu'/, cifh Uit for uupi4*Mtkal auv ii MMgtnuk Due^heft. Sewar J, would no doubt have closed out the lot at fifty p®r cent below cost; but she reads the news- papers, and was uot ignorant of the fact that the United States has so mneh money as to ’»c conipellsd to employ Mr. Seward has made u]i to huy the Ray of Sa- mana, be is not the tus.u to a million ; or so of dollars to spoil the trade. such transactiocs, low figures are not cr- D.emental to the pages of Liit iry. Si word could possibly be prevailed n|on to buy shilling s Liits, hut no e-.rl'aiy j ckquence cr legtc could tuiu-.;e him to pay s! The Constitution expressly provides that treason, the highest crime against - the government, shall uot work cort .ipiion , of blood. and yet Lis estates j ci'Uiiot be ulii nutej from his legal heirs. Tbe radicals bud ns well give up their (liabulicul scbeine; they h-avelostthc gold- en opportunity, and it is too late now to rectiiy mistakes. | Amidst ali the luerrime Ht and festiviiy | which are going on around u.®, the tunes : of tbe (lisciissiuu in the Cham'oer on the | Army Rill ring out in harsh discordance I with tbe sound of midnight organs peal- ing forth paans to the Prince of Peace, with th® voices cf chi Uio-n rcund the Christmas Tree, with greeting.® of good- will on tbe advent of another year. Tbe mask has fallen from their faces and the people see them tow in all their bidcousness. What an example bas America set to E irop® in the arts of war, as well as in those of peace! but only tbe jealousy of rival I’rinces and government^ determined to out-do each other in their hideous and ruinous arma- ments. There is not a sane man in this country who believes that either Germany or any cdier nation in the world dreams of aggression against France on her own lerritoir. Det kan ta opp til 5 minutter for aktiverings E-posten kommer.Sjekk din E-post konto 'Spam/søppelpost' mappe for å være sikker på at vår E-post ikke har havnet der.

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His extr.avagant ideas of liberty will vanish into tbiu air, he finds that liberty means to work with 'he bayonet at his back, and there is no telling h' wsooii he may be longing af- ter the llesb pots ol Egypt. We are certainly a wonderful people, we great Y'unkee nation, and have flooded this con- tinent of Europe and tak n posses'ton ot all it.'^choicest localities in u way that is I perfectly astonishing even to ourselves!

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Let the ihilicnl.s have, in Iheir Governor, tho color they like best. t5i" The law e.xtending suffrage to tbe ;ii ll 1.8 1 as been pronounced unconstltu- iio J. Let the question be taken to the ..•; L«:st j'jdifial trlhuaal of the L'lilied 8u tf.,. b Uhtp .'iiifl fr« : ►mi'oth wntff H l«*r a whl.e, T)«eie. Nc.tbing short of confiscation and a di- yieion of tbe land amoug the negroes cm insure tbe of their plan, as -Mr. But the more cautious of his party fear to take the step lesi, the iirave soldiers who foeght through a long and bloody war to pre- serve the Union as it was will not ' sustain them in their mad attempt to Alricanize the fairest portion of this great couutry.

Tli -y see that they have been plotting the destruc- tion of the Gove-ninett for the' • own p-ir- sonal aggrandizement — ib-at their policy if pursued any further will involve the deeli action of both races in the South whose interests are uot inimical if al- luwtd to stand in their proper relations to each other, the relations which nature Intc Lded them to occupy; and that they arc no less the enemies of the black than they ale of the white race. When she calls forth her sots to battle, it is really the cry that “the country is iu duuger.’’ Sulrauda est llispublka!

Ibe band-writing is upon the wall; they have been weighed in the balancu and found wantiog. All honor to tbe man who stood as a break-water, and ’i. Hi® name will take rank with that of the Etc-ru and inflexible Jackson. The magic word is spo- ken, and quick as thought her strong b'lt- talions shake the earth with th-’ir tre; J.

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