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It didn’t take him long to embrace the superlative, though: he was voted “Thinks He’s the Funniest” in high school.

COMEDY WAS “a survival mechanism” for Day, who spent his adolescence, when he was “tiny and covered in freckles,” absorbing the works of far-flung funnymen from W. Fields and Charlie Chaplin to Woody Allen and Chris Farley. outfielder Rickey Henderson, would stop by the local park for a game of catch.

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FX picked up the comedy, and , about a handful of self-involved bar rats and their depraved exploits, was born.HIS YOUTH centered around baseball and featured recurring dreams in which his childhood hero, M. One afternoon, exiting Fenway with his friends, Day spotted Henderson and screamed, “Rickey! He could only manage to mumble, “You’re the best.”WHEN HE didn’t make the baseball team during his freshman year at Merrimack College, in North Andover, Massachusetts, he retired his glove and forged a new identity through acting.He joined the school’s theater club, the Onstagers, followed by an internship at the Williamstown Theatre Festival. Dude, that door’s marked “Private.” Charlie Kelly: Oh, yeah. Charlie believes that the dumpster baby is the love child between the waitress and Frank, so he goes to the coffee shop to confront the waitress: “You know there was a time where I’d help you raise this little dumpster baby brother of mine like a son.

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