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The late 80s were a formative time for the emerging gainer/encourager community, marking the widespread standardization of the terms “gainer” and “encourager”, the first regular organized gainer/encourager meetings, and the launch of a series of newsletters that would define the community in the pre-internet era.

In 1988, the informal group that had been meeting in New York City started holding regular meetings and events open to the public, branding itself the Encouragement Group and advertising their events around the city.

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In 1992, America Online began bringing the internet into homes of those significantly less tech savvy than the early adopters, with other companies following suit.In 1990, a 976 Gainer Hotline ad appeared in Big Ad magazine (a publication featuring chubby men) and ran for a year before lapsing into obscurity.During the early 90s, only three cities are known to have had regular local gainer/ecnourager gatherings: New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.In 1988, John launched a new newsletter, called XL, however he was forced to end it after only a year of publication due to his failing health.John passed his contact list to Ollie Lee Taylor in Florida, who then launched XXXLNT in 1989.

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