The use of lisrel in validating marketing constructs

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In this sense, international market orientation can be represented as an antecedent of the internationalization process of INVs because it fosters and facilitates the learning process in foreign markets and develops stronger management capabilities that allow the acquisition of foreign market knowledge, as well as designing a proper market response [30], which will determine their choice of entry modes in foreign markets and on the geographical diversification of their markets.In sum, this paper adopts the perspective that the different forms of internationalization may be decided in response to different strategic goals rather than as stages in a gradual process [31].

the use of lisrel in validating marketing constructs-64

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Due to the limitation of resources, a firm has to make a strategic decision on which markets to enter and allocate resources accordingly [14].

This decision is especially important in the case of companies that decide to be international from the inception, as INVs.

Thus, firms can use their international market orientation to overcome cultural distance problems, especially information asymmetry, opportunistic behavior, and uncertainty.

Market-oriented behaviors facilitate acquisition and dissemination of knowledge and responsiveness to this intelligence about foreign markets what is especially important when the firm has no international experience [9, 26, 28–30].

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