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Both ancient and modern sources describe Agrippina's personality as ruthless, ambitious, violent, and domineering.

Physically she was a beautiful and reputable woman; according to Pliny the Elder, she had a double canine in her upper right jaw, a sign of good fortune.

Through his mother Antonia Major, Domitius was a great nephew of Augustus, first cousin to Claudius, and first cousin once removed to Agrippina and Caligula.

He had two sisters; Domitia Lepida the Elder and Domitia Lepida the Younger.

Domitius had acknowledged the paternity of the child.

In the early morning hours in Antium of December 15, 37, Agrippina gave birth to a son.

As a small child, Agrippina travelled with her parents throughout Germany (AD 15-16) until she and her siblings (apart from Caligula) returned to Rome to live with and be raised by their maternal grandmother Antonia.

Antonia Major was the elder sister to Antonia Minor, and the first daughter of Octavia Minor and Mark Antony.

Antonia Minor was a daughter to Octavia the Younger by her second marriage to triumvir Mark Antony, and Octavia was the second eldest sister and full-blooded sister of Augustus.

Germanicus' father, Drusus the Elder, was the second son of the Empress Livia Drusilla by her first marriage to praetor Tiberius Nero, and was the Emperor Tiberius's younger brother and Augustus's stepson.

His mother was Antonia Minor and his father was the general Nero Claudius Drusus. Germanicus had two younger siblings; a sister, named Livilla, and a brother, the future Emperor Claudius.

Claudius was Agrippina's paternal uncle and third husband.

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